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Position your desk and seats in your home or office to optimize for natural light. It will save you from using electricity for lighting and heat plus many scientists believe that natural light offers many positive health benefits as well. When using heat or air conditioning, close the door so the heat or air conditioning doesn't disperse.

Reduce your standby power usage. TVs, computers, office equipment, video game consoles and home theater systems continue to use electricity when they appear off in standby mode. Utilizing a surge protector with an on/off switch can help you control standby power usage from multiple devices.

Optimize your PCs power settings. Set up a power profile, you'll teach your PC how to conserve its own electricity. I tell my computer to turn off the displays after 2 minutes of idle activity and to sleep after 5 minutes.

A home office can potentially use a lot of paper, so be mindful of your printing habits. Buy paper made with 100 percent post-consumer waste, print only when needed, and of course, print on both sides when possible.

Make sure you refill ink cartridges rather than buying new ones, or at the least, dispose of your printer cartridges at local stores that offer cartridge recyling services for a discount off your purchase for a new one.

Don't hesitate to invest in upgrading parts of your home in the name of energy efficiency. Your home is your workplace as well, and you may spend twice as much time there as a result.

Dusting typewriter keys, louvered doors, carved furniture, or anything with nooks and crannies is easier with a clean, soft, ever so slightly dampened paintbrush.

Going on vacation? To keep a plant healthy for up to a month, water it well, then enclose it completely in a clear plastic bag, tying it securely at the top and bottom. Place the plant in northern light. When you return, untie the top and let the plant adjust to room air for a day before completely removing the covering.

Save energy in an oven. If a roast or a casserole will cook for more than an hour, start it in a cold oven and cook it for the prescribed time. If the time is under an hour, extend it slightly. Reserve preheating for baking. Cook small quantities of food in a microwave oven rather than in an electric oven. A microwave can use one-third to one-half as much energy as an electric oven. But always use a range oven for large quantities of food. Turning the temperature down in the refrigerator cuts down on your electricity bill as well.

Fuel economy. Don't top off a fuel tank in hot weather. Heat increases the pressure in a tank so that the fuel rises and overflows--an unnecessary waste.

Instead of replacing a coolant overflow tank that's leaking, insert a heavy-duty plastic freezer bag in the tank to hold the coolant. For free money saving tips at the gas pump and grocery shopping see my blog on

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 Last updated on August 3, 2011

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Fred 3 years ago

Get a haircut one time a month and take a bath every other day to save on soap and water. Brush teeth every other day and use air freshener as a body spray to save from using deodorant. Unroll toilet paper and make two rolls out of one. Wash your car at 3 am in the morning during a full moon by using the neighbor's water hose or watch for them to go shopping and do it after they leave. I have many more ideas that will help people save money, but I am in the process of writing a book and hope that I can get a million people to buy it for twenty dollars a piece so that I can quit my job as a Duffer by day and a Foot Pad by night.

Barbara 3 years ago

Great hub! Thanks!

Annette 2 years ago

I do not believe in stealing from your neighbor to save money! What goes around comes around. Air freshner cost more than dedorant. Making two rolls out of one double roll to toilet paper only makes one use twice as much. Brushing your teeth every other day will make your dentist rich. Don't quit your day job of being a Duffus!

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 2 years ago from England Level 7 Commenter

Hi, great ideas! I love the idea of the paint brush for my pc, I always end up pushing all the buttons and causing it to go mad when I turn it on! cheers nell

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